The Late Sam Coulter

The Late Sam Coulter

5th October 2018

Dear Reader, 

           it is with great sadness that the club has to announce it has been informed of the passing of Mr. Sam Coulter and so could we take this opportunity to pass on our sincere condolences to his family and friends at this sad time. Not only from the club and its fans but also from the town itself and it goes without saying the rugby league community at large.

          When you talk about certain people connected to the club (and Sam has been so since 1948) sometimes the words: legend, fanatic, die-hard and lifelong are mentioned. Sam was all of these and more.

          On a personal level I could write pages about Sam but even at this sad time I think of him and just have a smile to myself. He used to come in the old lottery office and give us his 'joke of the day' and have us all in stitches - I never found out where he got hold of these jokes he would never tell me, then there was his charity work when Sam loved to put on a live show of his famous collection of memorabilia for local causes and I knew he always liked to talk about any item any person showed an interest in however small or large the item or however young or old the person. My most poignant memory of Sam was a couple of years ago at the civic hall exhibition when I asked " if you could only keep one thing from your collection Sam what would it be" he didn't even have to think he said "Reg Gasniers Tour Blazer" for you younger readers you need to Google him- he was one of the World's greatest ever players and a friend of Sams. He knew all the greats and wrote to many of them year on year and was very friendly with the late Vince Karalius. He was also close to another old Australian tourist called Dan Frawley who Sam referred to as Uncle Dan. To be honest Sam sort of knew everybody. Well that is when it was a proper game.

          Sam survived to a grand old age but that doesn't make his passing any easier, I have never until yesterday know a day that I was connected with the club when there wasn't a Sam Coulter. He also had a very distinctive voice and a ready smile he bore his own illness's lightly as if they were just a passing thing. We who knew him will not forget him.

          Farewell old friend! 


We will post funeral details when we get them from the family. The club will of course fly the flag at half mast but we will wait for a suitable date and game next season when all at the club can show their respect.


This my favourite photo I took of Sam, Margaret and Simon, I hope you all enjoy it much as I treasure it.

T.Todd (Chairman)

The Late Sam Coulter