Club Statement - Tuesday 26th June

Club Statement - Tuesday 26th June

26th June 2018

Dear Fans and supporters,           

As you are no doubt aware the "takeover" has hit some difficulties and may or may not take place. We as a board can not guarantee that it will go ahead, but we can guarantee that we will do all within our power to try and push the deal forward to a successful conclusion. However we have reached the point where we have to start spending the money both pledged and paid. We feel that we have a moral obligation to offer those who have paid for season tickets a refund their money back if they so desire.

We have to be honest and state that should a considerable number request their money back we may not finish the season. Going forward we still want to roll the appeal out and take it onwards to other fans and the business community. We are hopeful that in the coming weeks the appeal will thus raise much more than the £60K that was the set target for the consortium to step in. In getting to the end of the season we will also be looking to see if there are other investors out there who might be interested but that would only be the case if the current negotiations fail.

I do not think we have need to stress the seriousness of the club's situation and thus we hope you will see this request in a positive light and help us to continue. We need to spend funds at this month's end - this is for the club a crucial deadline. Please respond if you wish by close of business on Thursday evening.

We have decided to keep good faith with the fans we are keeping the gate prices at £10 and £5 the same as the Bradford game and hope for a big attendance.For and on behalf on the Board of Directors.

This is the statement the club has released at 3pm Today to local press. Since then there has been again changes we will be meeting again tomorrow to discuss the developments.

Club Statement - Tuesday 26th June