Thank you

Thank you

6th June 2017

 The club would like to thank all those supporters who made the long distance run to Oxford yesterday, you were a credit to the club and the players were so appreciative - especially the happy birthday song to Fozzy on his first try.          

Can we also thank the lovely lady who brought some programmes and items into the office the other day - sorry but I did not get your name but Tom says thank you and he will sort them all out and put them to good use for the benefit of the club.          

A few of you will be aware the club has a stall on the market on Thursdays manned by the ever loyal Andrew and Tommy. We would like to ask if there are any volunteers out there who would like to help us man a stall on Saturdays as well. If so please get in touch with me at the office on 01946 328088. 

Amanda Hewer G.M.


P.SIf anyone has any items that they have spare that they think the club could sell on the stall then please let us have them. These items don't have to be rugby related - they can be unwanted household goods or bric a brac or good quality books anything really but they must be of a reasonable state of repair.

Thank you